Learn About Female Truck Drivers in Sacramento

Learn About Female Truck Drivers in Sacramento
Female truck drivers in Sacramento have the right stuff to own the road. Not only is it a rewarding career for them, but they have the right outlook and character. Because they have mastered the Class A CDL, they don’t feel timid like some women truckers do. In fact, the female truck drivers in Sacramento have no problem getting out of their rigs at truck stops.

However, if you don’t feel as confident as these women, here’s a tip. Avoid avoid dark truck stops, stay in lighted roadways, and walk with a purpose. This will help deflect potential scare tactics by other drivers.

It’s also a good idea to stay connected with other female drivers in the industry. For example, connect through social media and other female truck driving groups. In addition to building a network of women drivers, you’ll also have like-minded people to share experiences and support each other.

Female Truck Drivers in Sacramento

According to the Department of Labor, there are currently 3,364,000 professional truck drivers in the United States. Of those, 7.8 percent are women, which equates to 262,392 female drivers. And many of them are female truck drivers in Sacramento.

The age of women in trucking range from 39 to over 60 years old. So this is a great indicator that women find trucking a viable career option. Not all women are equal in size either. Because the truth is, a small stature doesn’t matter. What does matter is being able bodied. Generally speaking, regardless of gender or stature, some people are simply not cut out for driving a big rig.

If you don’t have the required skill and nerve to be a professional driver, then trucking is probably not for you.

Although the number of men in trucking outweighs the number of women, that doesn’t mean trucking is a man’s job. In fact, trainers and instructors often say that women are some of the best truck drivers on the road.

Given these points, female truck drivers in Sacramento don’t feel they have to prove themselves to anyone. If you’re concerned about what others think, know this. Just doing your job well is proof enough.

Tips For Women in Trucking

Have a positive attitude, come in confident with a willingness to learn and know that you can do the job. But don’t be a ‘know-it-all’ or expect that, because you’re a woman, you shouldn’t have to do the dirty stuff. For instance, you don’t think it’s your job to crawl under the trailers, It ‘is’ if it’s necessary.

Let go of feeling like you have to work twice as hard to feel like you know what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. After all, that’s what your instructors and trainers are there for.

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Learn About Female Truck Drivers in Sacramento